Are you passionate about robotics, programming or electronics? Write this down: There are 5 days left until the start of registrations for the largest robotics competition in Romania, Robochallenge 2015. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Do not hesitate! Build your own robot and sign up for the contest!
Join the greatest robotics competition in Romania!

Starting this year Robochallenge will have a new competition - Line Follower

The regulations can be found here:

Monday, 13th of July 2015, 18:00, room A101 in Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology will be the official opening of the RoboChallenge Summer School.

We have the pleasure to announce a new challenge in the competition 'Freestyle Showcase' .
Its first edition will be at this year's Robochallenge.
The regulations can be read on this page:
In the next weeks we will publish the regulations for a new challenge: 'Humanoid robot'

     Robochallenge Summer School started from our desire to be closer to our contestants, to offer them the support and guidance needed in order for them to build a competitive robot.

     The trainees receive mechanics, electronics and programming classes, but also, the fact we think it is the most important: experience exchange with former contestants and trainees.

     We set up a laboratory, equipped with necessary means for testing and developing robots: measuring devices, tools for PCB making and necessary design software. Optimum functionality of robots can be tested on fields similar to the ones used in the official competition, therefore sensors and robot parameters can be calibrated.

     At its fourth edition, Robochallenge Summer School will take place during 15th of July-15th of September, where we promise to offer our support , advice and useful practical examples for developing a competitive robot. The classes and laboratories will be held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, after 6:00 p.m. , and all the details will be announced at our first meeting.

     If you consider words as robots, programming, electronics or mechanics are true mysteries or sound very familiar, we are waiting for you to reveal them together! Let’s build this summer the robot you will be competing with at the next Robochallenge edition!

We are very honored and proud to announce that starting this year, the first three places of the Mega-Sumo class will receive an official invitation to attend to the All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament in Tokyo ( or, in mid-December, as a courtesy of Fujisoft Inc. Accommodation and meals will be provided for the entire stay, but transportation to and from Tokyo will have to be covered by the participants.

Starting today, Innovation Labs is OPEN for candidates. Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?


Next Robochallenge Romania robot competition takes place in:
31 October & 1 November 2015

Classification Mega Sumo

1st place
Flex – robot Wolf
Teodor Rosca, Ovidiu Marius Alexandru
2nd place
Bullet – robot Bullet
Mihai Oltean, Horia Neamtu, Alexandru Puscas, Claudiu Avram, Cristian Husar
3rd place
Evo Team – robot Bonfire
Octavian Alexandru, Ana-Maria Radu, Razvan Cristescu, Alexandru Rogozan
Rugina – robot Rugina
Bogdan Pavel Deac, Ovidiu Ioan Maier, Horatiu Razvan Maier, Mihai Moldovan

Classification Mini Sumo

1st place - Mexic
Sheeps Team – robot Nahual
Carlos Adrian Lugo Meneses, Augustin Caceres Quiroz, Sergio Abraham Reyna Peruzquia, Alejandro Gamundi, Benjamin De La Cruz Lopez, Bryan Ramirez Bacilio
2nd place
Prodigy – robot Rujina
Eduard Mihok, Cristian Boldog
3rd place - Mexic
Sheeps Team – robot Kimbo
Carlos Adrian Lugo Meneses, Augustin Caceres Quiroz, Sergio Abraham Reyna Peruzquia, Alejandro Gamundi, Benjamin De La Cruz Lopez, Bryan Ramirez Bacilio
BlackBox – robot BlackBox Pro
Flavius Tirnacop, Irina Gosu, Alexandru Alistar, AlexandruAugurencei

Classification Micro Sumo

1st place
The One – robot Sylar
Tibuleac Catalin-Ciprian
2nd place
Wonderbots – robot RoboWarrior 2
Deaconu Ioan, Andrei Marius Lucian, Andrei Musat
3rd place
Wonderbots – robot RoboWarrior 1
Deaconu Ioan, Andrei Marius Lucian, Andrei Musat
RObotiqueFF – Mosquitto - RObotiqueFF
Ionut Draghici

Classification Line Follower Enhanced

1st place
Prodigy – robot Prodigy
Eduard Mihok, Cristian Boldog
2nd place
HBFS – robot HBFS-L2
Mihai Alexandru Craciunescu, Andrei Duluta, Cristian Dobre, Maria Circiumaru, Catalina Radu
3rd place
HBFS – robot HBFS-L4
Mihai Alexandru Craciunescu, Andrei Duluta, Cristian Dobre, Maria Circiumaru, Catalina Radu
N/A – robot N/A
Eduard Voiculescu

Classification Maze

1st place
HBFS – robot HBFS-M2
Mihai Alexandru Craciunescu, Andrei Duluta, Cristian Dobre, Maria Circiumaru, Catalina Radu
2nd place
RobotiqueFF – robot Vye Brator
Vlad Urziceanu, Alexandru Suciu
3rd place
TikTok RobotiqueFF - TIK TOK
Turica Catalin Vasile, Turica Liviu, Scrieciu Marius
DAF – robot CRONOS
Florina Ciorica, Daniela-Andreea Tudor, Adina-Elena Lupu, Daniel-Claudiu Sarateanu

Classification Fotball

1st place
Deaconu Ioan, Andrei Marius Lucian, Andrei Musat
2nd place
Flex – robot MadRobot
Adelina Bratu, Tiberiu Ghita, Mariu Andrei Gibu
3rd place
EightCPlus – robot Goller
Ahmet Hamza Aydin, Calin Clichici
Sandwich Demander – robot Sandwich Demander
Yasin Ibrahim, Andrei Cristian Barbu

Classification Project Showcase

1st place
Mihai Alexandru Craciunescu, Andrei Duluta, Cristian Dobre, Maria Circiumaru, Catalina Radu
2nd place
Vlad – proiect Fahrenheit
Vlad Niculescu
3rd place
RoboSZMK – proiect LifeBot
Rudolf Krecht

Saturday 01.11.2014
08:00 – Check-in
10:00 – Official Opening
10:10 – Football
10:45 – Micro Sumo Qualifier Rounds
11:30 – Mini Sumo Qualifier Rounds
12:00 – Project Showcase
13:00 – Mega Sumo Qualifier Rounds

Sunday 02.11.2014
08:00 – Check-in
10:00 – Line Follower Enhanced
11:30 – Maze Qualifier Rounds
12:00 – Maze Finals
12:30 – Micro Sumo Finals
13:00 – Mini Sumo Finals
13:30 – Mega Sumo Finals

Registration is open until October 15, 2014.
You must follow a few simple steps
1. You will create an account using the link and fill in the information about the team name and team leader. You must fill a complete address.
2. Log in with your account on and add your team members using the section Members / Add member. At this point you can manage your team, add members, delete members until October 15. After that, the system will be closed.
3. After you finish adding members, you will add your robots using the section Robots / Add Robot. You must check your robot in for the category you want to register and the team members who will operate the robot. Robot registration is free.
4. If you are not from Bucharest, in the section "accommodation" select the days you need for each member to stay. Accommodation is free.
5. On the Shop section you can buy the start / stop module (Kill switch), and you can select the amount you need.
In the Checkout section you can see an overview of your registration.
You can change anything you want in your account until October 15, 2014

Registration for all robots is free.

Accommodation for all participants who are not from Bucharest is free.

The registration is open for RoboChallenge 2014 national stage,  until 15th of Octomber, 2014.

We invite you to attend to one of the 7 competitions:

Mega Sumo, Mini Sumo, Micro Sumo, Line Follower Enhanced, Football, Maze and Projects Showcase.

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