Saturday 01.11.2014
08:00 – Check-in
10:00 – Official Opening
10:10 – Football
10:45 – Micro Sumo Qualifier Rounds
11:30 – Mini Sumo Qualifier Rounds
12:00 – Project Showcase
13:00 – Mega Sumo Qualifier Rounds

Sunday 02.11.2014
08:00 – Check-in
10:00 – Line Follower Enhanced
11:30 – Maze Qualifier Rounds
12:00 – Maze Finals
12:30 – Micro Sumo Finals
13:00 – Mini Sumo Finals
13:30 – Mega Sumo Finals

Registration is open until October 15, 2014.
You must follow a few simple steps
1. You will create an account using the link and fill in the information about the team name and team leader. You must fill a complete address.
2. Log in with your account on and add your team members using the section Members / Add member. At this point you can manage your team, add members, delete members until October 15. After that, the system will be closed.
3. After you finish adding members, you will add your robots using the section Robots / Add Robot. You must check your robot in for the category you want to register and the team members who will operate the robot. Robot registration is free.
4. If you are not from Bucharest, in the section "accommodation" select the days you need for each member to stay. Accommodation is free.
5. On the Shop section you can buy the start / stop module (Kill switch), and you can select the amount you need.
In the Checkout section you can see an overview of your registration.
You can change anything you want in your account until October 15, 2014

Registration for all robots is free.

Accommodation for all participants who are not from Bucharest is free.

The registration is open for RoboChallenge 2014 national stage,  until 15th of Octomber, 2014.

We invite you to attend to one of the 7 competitions:

Mega Sumo, Mini Sumo, Micro Sumo, Line Follower Enhanced, Football, Maze and Projects Showcase.

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