Robochallenge is a robotics competition designed for those students who are passionate about applied projects and also for those who are willing to learn new things. The competition is aimed to both begginers and experts but mostly to robotics enthusiasts. It comes as a follow-up of the theoretical knowledge achieved in college, and it is the way students can do something pleasant and useful based on the theoretical knowledge achieved.

Robochallenge is a competition organized by the ETTI ROBOCHALLENGE team in collaboration with Liga Studentilor Electronisti from the Faculty of Electronics and it is hosted by the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology at “Politehnica” University of Bucharest.

Robochallenge is different from other competitions because it stimulates thinking. The teams receive some regulations and on that basis they build their own robots from scratch, using components and materials that are easy for them to reach. Each team has its own vision and special approach and thus this way new surprises appear every year which shows proof of their inventiveness.