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until October 15th, 2023


The first step to Robochallenge world is here. Your robot is ready for battle ? Do you have an enthusiastic team, ready for any challenge?

Then register for the biggest robotic competition and climb the podium! May the best robot win !!!


Did you register in the biggest robotic competition and you are eager to find out from where your opponents are? Here you can find out which countries the participants and their robots come from, depending on each category of the competition. Friendships and exchange of experience are welcome and encouraged!


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You registered in the biggest robotic competition and you want to be up to date with rules?
Here you can find out about the latest regulation changes and all you need to know to comply with all the rules !

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Robochallenge Venu location is 313 Splaiul Independentei at the Building AN in "Politehnica'' of Bucharest.